Katsucon 2015 Convention Report

An old photo of the convention center taken back on 2013.

Since it's been almost three weeks since Katsucon ended (and I have extreme short-term memory) this post will be short and sweet.  So I attended my fourth Katsucon anime convention from February 13-15, 2015 held at the National Harbor in Maryland.  As usually I had a great time but things didn't start off too smoothly.  I drove down there on Thursday night for Katsucon's new Thursday-night pre-registration badge pick up.  The line for registration was quite long, and apparently they haven't learned anything from last year's pre-reg line fiasco considering that they still were only using a small handful of computers to process the thousands of people waiting in line.  Apparently things not only did not get better but actually got worse on Friday with multiple technical glitches.


A blurry photo of the Thursday pre-reg line


Despite the initial setbacks, I had a blast jumping from one organized cosplay photoshoot to another taking lots of pictures.  The Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center is simply a gorgeous place for photography  and as expected there were lots of high quality and amazing cosplay to be seen.  Of course, what anime convention would be complete without a marriage proposal happening during the weekend.  I happened to witness one during the Masquerade contest and it was pretty sweet.


Marriage proposal during the Masquerade contest, still image taken from a video clip that I recorded


The Merchant's Hall/Dealers room this year was very spacious and easy to maneuver through. The Man at Arms booth was pretty cool to see.  Another cool sight was inside the Artist Alley where the Chalk Twins spent the weekend drawing a large Hyrule Warriors mural. 


Hyrule Warriors mural by the Chalk Twins


FInally, you can see the hall cosplay photos that I took over the weekend in the Albums section, and you can see all of the photos from the various photoshoots that I attended over on my Facebook Photography page.  They include the photoshoots for Avatar & The Legend of Korra, Type-Moon (both), Dragon Age, Sword Art Online SAO, Disney, RWBY (both), Magi, SMT/Persona, Tales of Series, One Piece, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and Lord of the Rings.