Zenkaikon 2016 Convention Report

The Farmers Market

The Zenkaikon 2016 anime convention that took place from April 1-3, 2016 in Lancaster, PA went by so quickly this weekend and yet there was a lot of awesome fun that still needs to be digested.  The 10th annual Zenkaikon (aka Zenkaikon X) was just as big and wonderful as previous years.  So big that we broke the escalators several times throughout the weekend.  I spent the majority of my time going from various voice actor panels and main events so I didn't actually get to take very many cosplay photos. I'll just have to rely on the collective Internet to relive some of the awesome cosplay that I saw throughout the weekend.

One of the great things about the location in Lancaster is the fact that it is right next to the Central Market, the oldest continous running farmers market in America.  Lots of neat food, produce, and gifts can be found there.  This year I kept hearing various guests of Zenkaikon rave about the maple bacon long john donuts so next year I'll have to remember to try to get there really early on Saturday morning in order to try one before they get sold out.  Here's a few photos from inside the market:

The Artemis space simulator made its return this year although I didn't have time to have a go at it.  I also didn't have time to hit up any of Greg "Greggo" Wicker's game show events this year which hopefully Zenkaikon will invite back next year.  New for this year was a fan-made Vocaloid concert where some fans produced a digital concert with Hatsune Miku and Co dancing to various well known songs.  It was quite enjoyable although one suggestion that I have for the group is that if they ever do a second concert project that it would be nice if they could add background images to help spice up the concert.  The characters dancing to a plain black background did kind of get old after a while.  Anyways, here are some pictures of events that I went to over the weekend:

I took a boatload of video during the events which includes Uncle Yo's geek stand-up comedy routine, the Voice Actor Panel, Vic Mignogna's Q&A Panel, the Ghost in the Shell panel (Richard Epcar and Ellyn Stern), the Cosplay Masquerade Event, the Vocaloid fan-made concert, and the Geek Poetry Open Mic with Dante Basco.  However, it'll be a few months before I can upload them to my Youtube channel because of ongoing circumstances with the status of my channel (copyright strike).  Once they are uploaded they will be available here.

You can find the hall cosplay photos that I took here.