Fiesta Asia Silver Spring 2016 Street Festival

Chin Daiko

Fiesta Asia had their 6th annual Asian Street Festival at Silver Spring, MD on June 26th, 2016.  Normally scheduled for the beginning of May but postponed to June due to being rained out, the Silver Spring festival is a smaller, more compact version of the big bonanza that takes place in Washington, DC.  I was in Silver Spring for a couple of hours and took photos and video from performances by the Mongolian Dance Ensemble (which included ultra-adorable kids in camel costumes), Chin Daiko, Spotlight Studio Indonesian dances, Arabesque Dance Theatre, Kuchipudi Dance Academy, Leilah Moon, Asala Raqs, Beta Academy, and a Hawaiian performance.

While I did record video starting with the Chin Daiko's taiko drumming all the way until Asala's belly dancing, those video will not be uploaded to my Youtube channel until September due to an ongoing copyright strike to my account.  So once the copyright strike expires in September you will be able to find those videos at my channel here.

So here are some of the photos that I shot from the festival: