Super MAGFest 2018 Convention Report

The Potomac River was frozen solid from weeks of sub-freezing temperatures

What is there really left to say about MAGFest that hasn't already been said?  The Music and Gaming Festival took place this year from January 4-7, 2018 in National Harbor, MD.  It continues its fine tradition of melding video games, music, and gaming culture together for an annual 4-day bash.  From concerts, arcades, video games stations, indies, dealers, industry guests, fan panels, and more, MAGFest continues to be one of the best places to celebrate our love of video games (despite the bone-chilling weather!).

One of the highlights for the weekend for me was attending the Triforce Quartet's "secret" concert at the Gazebo on Friday night.  I've always been a big fan of this band and always look forward to their Gazebo performances (especially if they weren't invited by MAGFest to perform for an official concert).  What was even more special about this year's performance was that they finally performed the song "Theme of Grandia" that I had requested of them to cover as a perk for contributing to their Indiegogo campaign for their previous album.  It was a long time coming but the wait was worth it.

Another highlight was the Super Smash Opera presents "Aria Kart" performance.  I've been to the Super Smash Opera events for the last two years and have always been amazed at their performances in taking well known opera songs and changing the lyrics to fit the Smash Bros skit that they performed.  This year they debuted their newest creation in "Aria Kart" which centers around Mario Kart.  It was just as great as I had hoped it to be, and judging by the fact that the panel room was packed to capacity it looks like there's hope that they will continue to be a MAGFest staple.

It is always a blast to start off the new year by attending MAGFest and I hope to continue this trend for many years to come.

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