Super MAGFest 2019 Convention Report

MAGFest Museum

MAGFest 2019 took place this past week from January 3-6, 2019 in National Harbor, MD. What’s left to say about this convention? It’s MAGFest. The crazy large video game, console, and arcade rooms are back. Tons of concerts with video game and nerdy music. Panels, cosplay, and hi-jinks ensue.

Some observations about this year’s MAGFest are that there seemed to be less cosplayers walking around compared to last year and there seemed to be less amounts of big-name guests. That didn’t stop people from partying all weekend long and having a great time though. People still came in droves to the point that the National Harbor area ran out of parking and people were directed to go park across the river at the casino instead. The parking issue has definitely gotten really bad now both for MAGFest and Katsucon. It’s truly a wonder why the National Harbor management hasn’t gotten around to building more parking garages or lots since it is keeping more people from actually attending events here.

I also liked that MAGFest attempted to coordinate cosplay photoshoot gatherings this year. Only problem is that they only posted the schedule for the shoots on their social media and never had them posted on either their website or on the Guidebook schedule. This certainly prevented a lot of people from knowing that the photoshoots were actually going on. Hopefully they rectify that next year. One final note is that the MAGFest Museum where they showcase old/antique video game hardware and computers (that you can actually play!) was set in a larger room this year so it was more spacious and not as cramped walking around.

I’ll end with just a few photos from the con:

Click here to see the couple of hall cosplay photos that I took this year.

Click here to go to my Facebook photography page to see the photos that I took of the Atlus and Type-Moon cosplay photoshoot gatherings.

Click here to go to my YouTube channel where I uploaded my video recordings of the “Voice Actor - Will Voice For Food” Q&A panel and of the Triforce Quartet’s gazebo concert on Saturday.