A Little About Me

Hello, and welcome to my photography site!  My name is Jon Nguyen.  I'm an amateur photographer currently living in the state of Maryland in the United States.  I'm an avid fan and otaku of Japanese anime, video games, and geeky things in general.  I'm currently a member of the Baltimore Genshiken Anime Meetup club where I get to hang out with cool people who share my interests.

My first interest in photography probably began when I attended my first anime convention (Otakon 2011) and saw so many gorgeous and creative costumes and I just had no means or knowledge on how to take good photos of them.  It wasn't until January of 2013 when I got my first semi-pro camera (Panasonic Lumix GH3) and began reading a bunch of photography books that I finally kick-started my new hobby in photography.  I'm still an amateur in all sense of the word, but I will keep on learning and practicing to improve myself with the ultimate goal of being able to take better cosplay pictures.  After all, if the cosplayers are gracious enough to allow me to take photos of them then the only way that I can properly thank them is by doing the best that I can to take a good photo!

Finally, some people may wonder where the "DM" in DMJ Photography comes from since it's not derived from my name.  It actually refers to the word "Dragonmaster" which is my preferred username/identity which is inspired by the classic JRPG, Lunar: Silver Star Story.

I also maintain a photography page on Facebook and also occasionally post videos to YouTube.  You can find the links to those pages at the top of the site.